Monday, October 26, 2009

Somewhere Beyond the Sea...Dana Point, CA

I've always loved the sea, whether it was sailing, swimming in it, or just driving alongside it. The view is always breathtaking on any given day. So it would come as no surprise that I would frequent this seaside town during my high school days. I would leave town on the weekends, pack up my suitcase and head down to my friend's boat. I have traveled quite a bit, and Dana Point has always remained one of my favorite places to visit. There is a lot to do here, and most of it is within walking distance from the harbor.
Sleeping on a boat is like a lullaby to me, it sways alongside with the waves. You can hear the foghorn in the distance, blaring through the darkness. The lights peering through the fog on a dark night can be spectacular. A walk by the beach day or night always has something to show the weary traveler. Every morning I wake up, peering out through the sailboats little windows, it is overcast and the occasional seagulls flies overhead. I love this. Alas, I do not have my own boat, but if I did, this would be the place to put it.
After relaxing in the morning, I head over to my favorite coffee place not to far from the docks. Coffee Importer Deli & Juice Bar is my personal favorite place, in fact I frequented there so much that all of the employees knew me by name. I would come here, and be delighted by the fact that they had all took up sign language classes. They were so sweet, and lovely that they wanted to be able to communicate, and learn more about the Deaf Culture. With that said, I would have to mention my favorite snacks at the deli- or as I call it the "Bagel Place". Do try the California Bagel which consists of tomato, cream cheese, lemon pepper, and avocado. Another one to try would be the Greek bagel, it has balsamic vinaigrette dressing, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. However, they have a whole menu full of different meals, including Soup, Panini Sandwiches, Salads and so on.
Shopping and Seaside excursion is to be had here, ranging from bike rentals, shopping centers on Golden Lantern drive, renting kayaks to Whale watching excursions. However, this past weekend I tried a new hobby. Sailing. When the opportunity came up, I couldn't resist turning it down. I love boats, but I have never sailed in my life. I went to go on my friends boat, we sailed around Dana Point. I simply fell in love with it. I loved the sailing along the waves with the sun on my face as I cruise past seals. Clear blue skies, loads of sailboats cruising along the glistening waters. Two hours was up, we headed back to the docks for dinner. I wanted more, but I was getting hungrier by the hour. So we made way for a local Seafood place, the fresh salmon was scrumptious. All in all, the food here is scrumptious, the seaside activities are always boatloads of fun, and you have a stunning view of the oceanside. Who can ask for more?

My time spent in Dana point is always memorable, it is easy to see how much I love it here. I cannot wait for my next adventure here. No matter how much I travel; Dana Point will always remain to be one of my favorite places to visit.

On a side note, if you do own a boat, and have a dock key- they give you a discount at select shoppes in the shopping center.